This special Adopt-A-Fish Sustainability Program provides exceptional educational opportunities for students of all ages, and offsets funding that helps our aquariums stay strong and vital. Your special gift will go toward keeping our 1,500 fishes and invertebrates thriving, vibrant, and healthy. Your gift also helps to supply the best nutrition, medications, and monitoring systems to watch over our animals. Other funds go toward the specialized maintenance of the tank to ensure the habitat is clean and pristine, maintaining the delicate balance required for a healthy ecosystem. There are many adoption levels and benefits to choose from.

  •   Hippo Tang
      Bartlett's Anthias
      Copperbanded Butterflyfish
      Moon Jellyfish
      Royal Gramma
      Mandarin Dragonette
      Yellow Tang
  •   $25 Friend
      $50 Protector
      $75 Classroom Club*
      $100 Nurturer
      $250 Sustainer
      $500 Guardian
      $1,000 Conservator

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