Roanoke Pinball Museum


This interactive museum is dedicated to the science & history of pinball. Our mission is to cultivate curiosity in science, art and history through pinball while preserving and honoring its role in American culture.

Featuring over 45 machines with production dates ranging from the 1930s to modern times, admission allows patrons to play at their leisure, but also to learn. Pinball players, young and old, will be introduced to the history of pinball, the science behind the game, and have an opportunity to appreciate the color, composition and overall design of the backglasses and playfields.

SOL-compliant curriculum and educational resources will be available to students and teachers to reinforce their visit to the museum. We have the opportunity to playfully educate and introduce a new generation to a game that has consistently reflected the sign of the times in American pop culture.

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Harrison Museum of African American Culture


The Harrison Museum of African-American Culture is an educational and cultural institution committed to promoting, showcasing, and celebrating the art and history of African-Americans in the Roanoke Valley and beyond. Memorabilia, photographs, and objects relating to the African-American experience form an extensive portion of the Harrison Museum’s Permanent Collection, as does an impressive collection of African and contemporary art. In addition, oral stories and recollections of community elders highlight the culture and significance of the Valley’s black communities offering a significant enrichment to the materials found in the Museum’s archives.

Just as our other organizations seek to cultivate awareness and appreciation of their form, the Harrison Museum does the same for the significant contributions of people of African descent, and Center in the Square is excited to have the opportunity to help further that mission. Residency in Center in the Square enables the Harrison Museum to foster and educate our children, reach broader audiences, garner greater visibility, and contribute significantly to an inclusive and cohesive image by sharing the collective African-American story – one of great individual accomplishment in the face of adversity and prejudice.

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History Museum of Western Virginia


The Historical Society of Western Virginia promotes regional history and provides educational services, research, and historic preservation at the History Museum of Western Virginia, the O. Winston Link Museum, Kegley Publications, and the Crystal Spring Pump Station.

Housed in Center in the Square, the History Museum of Western Virginia’s purpose is collection and preservation of material pertaining to the history of the area. Facilities include multiple exhibition galleries, a library, archival and collections storage, and an education workshop. The Museum’s collection is now the largest repository (more than 20,000 objects) of material devoted to tracing the human history of Western Virginia, showcased in continuing and changing exhibitions. The Museum’s Clare White Research Library holds volumes of the museum’s books, manuscripts, photographs, papers, and ephemera; welcomes scholars and independent researchers; and is the site for conducted research for the Society’s own books. The Kegley Publication Fund provides steady financial resources for these publications.

As part of its 50th anniversary, the HSWV embarked on a major renovation project. Thus far, the Historical Society has completed refurbishment of its administrative offices, research library, and education workshop. The Watts Library is an excellent research facility housing a collection of 1,800 books, 8,000 photographs, 2,000 slides, 150 maps, 800 periodicals, and thousands of documents and manuscripts, including business records and family papers.

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Science Museum of Western Virginia


SMWV is proud to be among the fewer than 5% of museums in the U.S. nationally accredited by the American Association of Museums. SMWV is dedicated to a mission of accessibility and education, and the facility is used as a laboratory for hands-on, interactive learning. As one of the oldest science museums in Virginia and one of the most visited attractions in the region, the museum has served millions of K-12 school children and thousands more through college and community outreach programs and public events. Each and every week, hundreds of children come from more than 40 school districts in Virginia. SMWV promotes school readiness, science and health awareness, academic and career development opportunities, and scientific literacy.

The Science Museum of Western Virginia plays a critical role in educating the public and our youth. The new Center incorporates aspects of the reinvented Science Museum throughout the facility. The “reinvention” of their galleries and programs to focus on environmental stewardship, healthy living, and the improvement of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics literacy in the region actively coincided with the renovation of Center in the Square.

The Butterfly Garden

The crowning jewel of the reinvented Science Museum, the Butterfly Garden offers the opportunity to interact with live butterflies from around the world – some with wingspans of 8 inches! – in an enclosed picturesque setting of lush plants and more than 20 species of orchids.

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