THE ATHENIAN SOCIETY For the Arts and Sciences

On May 1, 1980, a group of women who had worked together in various arts organizations, decided to form an organization of their own. They named the organization "The Athenian Society for the Arts & Sciences," for the city of Athens, the cultural capital of the classical world.

The object of the organization is to further the arts and sciences in the community by cultivating opportunities for enrichment and education, and by nurturing cooperation with, and lending assistance to, organizations dedicated to the arts and sciences.

For over 25 years, The Athenian Society has sought to fill the manpower needs for many art projects for non-profit organizations. Tasks undertaken each year have reflected the needs of the arts and the talents and interests of members. There has been one consistent element in these projects and that is a particular emphasis on those which educate and benefit children.

Being an Athenian means having a personal desire to become better informed in all aspects of the arts and sciences. Each year the group sponsors a series of lectures pertaining to the arts and sciences as a public service to the Roanoke area. These programs are held on the third Thursday of the month at 10 a.m. at WDBJ-7 and are open to the public free of charge.

Members wishing more in-depth examination of Art History and related subjects meet once a month as a Study Group, sharing research and knowledge. As still another way of expanding their knowledge, the group enjoys a day of special lectures by Hollins University professors once a year.

Become a Member

Membership is open to anyone having an interest in the arts and sciences, or who wishes to learn more about them.

For membership information please contact:

540.989.8299 or

You may also write to:

The Athenian Society
P.O. Box 8143
Roanoke, VA 24014

President and General Manager,
Center in the Square

"The Athenian Society is a splendid organization of dedicated civic-minded individuals who have significantly contributed to the success of Center in the Square. When we speak of the remarkable turnaround of downtown and the increased educational opportunities for the area's children, we must recognize the Athenians for helping make all this possible."

"Every Athenian should feel proud of her work for Center in the Square, as her work is reflected in our caring and concern for the many families and children who visit daily. With the inspiration, thoughtfulness and encouragement of every Athenian, Center is much more than it would be otherwise."

A combination social event and educational experience are the spring and fall field trips. The well-organized day trips have enlightened many long-time area residents as well as those members who have recently moved to the Roanoke Valley. A thorough familiarity with important regional sites of interest becomes an asset to Athenians as they fulfill their most important role in the Roanoke arts community - that of greeting visitors and providing information at the Information Desk at Center in the Square.